Week 19 – Response to Yoanna’s Article

As Yoanna points out in her article, G. Coleman makes a clear distinction between geeks and hackers, but includes them in the same category of political beliefs and movements. The story Yoanna found is interesting because it proposes this idea of an open battle between people in a position of authority and the hackers.

It is completely relevant not only because it shares the same subject and ideas, but because it goes further and shows that there are people like John Perry Barlow that actively support Organisations such as Wikileaks and Anonymous by working on systems to fund them. As they say, the internet can be the “most liberating tool for humanity ever invented, and also the best for surveillance.” As such, the internet can work in the favour of people with ideals of extreme liberalism, but can also be their downfall.

Irina Jurj


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