Hacker Politics and Publics- response

In Yoanna’s blog post she describes hackers and geeks whilst in relation to the reading Hacker Politics and Publics by Gabriella Coleman. She talks of the representation of hackers and how hackers would describe themselves.

The link featured in Yoanna’s blog is about the power struggle between hackers and governments, matching well with the reading. The link describes how hackers are one step ahead by knowing what technology is capable of, but it also states that “When this technology matures, manufacturers, agriculture businesses, technology firms, any of this could be easily replicated by almost anyone, anywhere. That’s when we’ll see the real fight – and they don’t even see it coming.” moreover suggesting that maybe hackers are not as smart as they seem and furthermore supporting Yoanna, as she stated in her blog of how geeks tend to be less technically skilled.

Yoanna raises a final point of whether hacktivism had a future. Recently in the UK according to the International Business Times there has been 56 people arrested for hacking attacks. Although the government may be taking action, hackers will always be here if technology is here.


Kirsty Paine


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