Week 17 – Response to Gerda’s Article

As Gerda points out in her article about mobile culture among teenagers, there are certain compelling benefits of texting as teenager. Both Gerda’s article and the one she points us to, are suitably related to teenagers’ use of mobile devices and texting. Whether it is the feeling that you’re constantly in touch with someone even tough they are not physically there or if it is just gathering up the courage to ask your romantic interest out, teenagers certainly use texting as a skill. Moreover, they continuously find new ways of talking to each other, regardless of parental or teacher supervision and change the use of language as they go.

However, this may bring some issues into this discussion. It is noticeable that nowadays spelling, grammar, and punctuation are an issue not only in English, but in other languages as well. While abbreviations, acronyms, emojis, and picture captions may prove useful and efficient in some situations, could it be that they also prevent both the current and new generation from learning to use their own language properly?

Here are some examples that, I believe, illustrate my point and although they may be funny, they are also thought-provoking, considering that many native English speakers that are part of a higher education system do not know how to construct a correct or intelligible phrase.





Irina Jurj


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