Mobile cultures

Ages ago, cell phones were mainly used to make a call or text someone. Nowadays everyone is using cell phones for different kinds of purposes. We do not need to have a separate camera any more to take pictures, because it is integrate in our cell phones. As well as we do not need a laptop to check emails or read the news as we can use cell phone instead.  These varieties of options create cell phones so successful and used by everyone from kids to adults.

To talk more about teenagers and their performance in cell phones culture I will analyze this week’s article Cell phones and the culture of teenage romance (2010). Even when I was a teenager, I remember that text messages was one of the most common relationships creators.

Jullie Cupples and Lee Thompson (2010) in the article talked that to communicate with each other without having a risk of embarrassment or shame, young people are using texting rather than face-to-face conversations. Young people almost never make voice calls from their cell phones because it is easier to text and avoid awkward silence during the conversation. It shows that teenagers do not feel confident enough to talk straight away without having time to think before saying something. As I was a teenager it looked easier for me as well to text rather than to make a call, which now looks slightly different for me. In my oppinion, it is not completely possible to show your emotions when you are texting, while voice call conversations show your intonation and it is easier to understand what you want to say. Of course, teenagers are using smiley faces, abbreviations which helps them to express themselves.

All in all I think teenagers will always use text messages rather than voice calls because it is just the way they feel confident and it is easier for them to perform their identities. Nevertheless, question is that is it possible that one day text messages will take the place of voice conversations?

Gerda Siauciulyte



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