The young and the digital – response

 Our generation is really sociable and it is true that we communicate in different kinds of digital platforms a lot and games are not an exception too. Kirsty in her blog post talked about games and their impact in our lives.

She analyzed this week’s article We play: the allure of social games, synthetic worlds, and second lives (2009) which showed that nowadays people are playing games not just for fun but gaming also connects people and gives them the opportunity to communicate with each other.

In this article S. Craig Watkins (2009) talks mostly about males and how they usually play games, which in my opinion is too stereotypical. Even in statistics from the United States from 2006 to 2014 show that both male and female are playing video games almost equally. Nevertheless, I agree with Watkins’ thought that interaction with each other during the games let us to communicate with more people.

This leads to Kirsty’s point that games could help shy people become more sociable and even find new friends. I totally agree with that because in the digital world you could be whatever you want despite who you are in a real life.



Gerda  Siauciulyte


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