The young and digital- Response

As Kristy said we are a generation that are active, I also think that we are a generation that very sociable but only through different software. Now it’s possible to communicate to one another through gaming software such as PS3 and allowing a bond of friendship to take place.


The reading We Play: The Allure of Social Games, Synthetic Worlds, and Second Lives by S. Craig Watkins (2009)

As Kirsty talks about the quote “provide a community aspect and a way to connect to people”. I think the way that gaming has progressed throughout the years, I do agree with what Watkins has said, because gaming is a way to communicate and interact with others, therefore creating a community which bring more people together.


From seeing gamers play with others online, I personally do not  think most of the gamers play to make a friendship, I think that just comes with it, it comes with the game itself.


Rebecca Fox


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