The selfies!

The selfies that you are about to see were taken with only one purpose (to be posted in this blog). Here is the place to say that I am not much of a selfie person, I do take them occasionally (of course). Although for the different social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat) I take different kind of selfies.


Because, I try to maintain my Instagram presence as “not too personal”. I show places I have been or things I have done but rarely post a picture of me. And this selfie is kind of appropriate for what I am trying to accomplish there.








Facebook and Snapchat

Well, for me it is difficult to define the difference between those two. And often just a random selfie used as e snap ends up in Facebook. Partly that is because my Facebook profile is quite personal. And mentioning snaps, my Snapchat audience are my close and not so close friends (but I do not add random people there).

10937865_930099290342256_338580345_n 10947564_930099270342258_944878683_n 10721093_930099297008922_859087066_n

Well, okay the “my best friend is a bottle of Vodka” selfie goes only as a snap.


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