Selfie and the imagined audience

The first picture is whilst we were still in the seminar as the picture is taken at arm’s length it shows our location and surrounding plus our professor in the background. This picture is not specified to anyone as it is mainly just to show our location, so I would upload it to any social media website.

seminar room

The second picture is a selfie that I would possibly use for a profile picture. This was taken just before going for drinks with friends so it was a good opportunity to take a photo as my hair and make-up was done! This selfie would be targeted for friends rather than family, so I would likely post it on Instagram where I have less family members on it.

own selfie

 This selfie with my dog is something I would use to post on Facebook and Snapchat so my family and friends will know that I am home for the weekend.


Kirsty Paine


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