The selfie activity

I suppose there isn’t much sense in coming up with concepts that define strategies and behaviors of people taking a selfie if you can’t relate to taking a selfie. Therefore, these are my three attempts at taking selfies.

Selfie #1

The selfie was taken in such a way as to prove we were in the seminar room, with our lecturer in the back and the seminar slides still up. The picture is taken from above so as to flatter both our faces and to catch the light, while our facial expression is standard for a picture (smiling). The social media platform where I would post this picture is Twitter. This makes it more difficult to imagine an audience, seeing how unless you’re account is private, Twitter allows for a certain context collapse. In this case your audience can be formed of family members, friends, classmates, work colleagues etc and hence makes it difficult to target a selfie to just one audience. In other words, the audience would be everyone in my social network.


Selfie #2

This picture is taken at an arm’s length, also in the seminar room. The background is less visible than in the first one, but there are only two subjects in this picture. The facial expression is similar to the first selfie and is meant to be cheerful and light, which relates directly to the imagined audience, which in this case would be family and very close friends. However, because it’s posted in a group blog, it’s also directed at classmates, the lecturer and is available to anyone who might visit the blog. If that weren’t the case, the desired platform would be Skype of Facebook, to be shared via the chat features these two platform offer, in order to ensure that only the people I send it to will be able to see it.


Selfie #3

This picture is of myself at home, also taken from above to ensure good lighting, visibility and a good angle. This picture might be a possible profile picture as it clearly shows my face, doesn’t show other parts of the body or parts of the room and hence is neutral enough to be seen by a larger group of people.



In terms of authenticity, on the one hand these pictures seem “authentic” to me because they are not produced, they are not edited and are not selected from a larger batch of similar (if not identical) other selfies. On the other hand, these pictures were taken with a clear goal in mind, which was to be posted in this blog post. Therefore, they might lack a certain spontaneity that could come from wanting to take a selfie for no reason at all or for personal reasons.


Irina Jurj


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