The image audience and Selfies

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The first image is of my friend and I, making our journey to Uni. The weather was quite nice that day and the lighting was great for a ‘selfie’ picture to be taken (as shown), sunlight shining into the carriage in a way made our skin glow (but slightly made me too bright) most selfies today its mainly about getting lighting correct which in a way I tried to do seeing as it was a nice day out. The audience this selfie could be for is mainly family as we are showing them our journey.


The second image is again my friend and I at the theatre watching Wicked. This selfie was mainly taken to show our friends and also acquaintances where we were to make them slightly jealous I guess. I shared the image through different social networks (Facebook, Snap chat and as my Whatsapp Display picture). Didn’t exactly think too much about the lighting as the setting in the theatre was quite dim anyway, but as you can see in the image that it still came out quite well. My facial expression was kind of a smug look, as I was trying to make others jealous that I was at the theatre getting ready to watch wicked and they weren’t.


The third image is of myself showing my audience (friends) my hairstyle, especially the ones who are interested in hair and fashion. In this selfie I did take into account the lighting as I wanted to show the curls in my hair and also the colour. Within my group of friends these types of ‘selfies’ are quite common, of showing new styles and trends as that is what we are into.

Rebecca Fox


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