Creating ways Teens maintain social privacy with social media


The reading ‘Creative ways teens maintain social privacy with social media’ by Jacqueline Vickery. Talks about teens today and the privacy that comes with the different technology and also the different social networks, privacy as in what these communication apps provide and the privacy that teens want from their friends and family and how there is different privacy settings on all social networks ( Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler).

Within this reading I think privacy is and can be interpreted in many ways from the teens, parents and owners of the apps perspective. These social networks are designed with a privacy setting that also comes with trust from the user, but these privacy settings aren’t always teen friendly or parental friendly, as some posts are still open to public for example Twitter saves posts including ones that have been removed but are still stored and are able to be in somewhat ‘leaked’. Which then I think puts the term privacy aside as it isn’t doing what we the users of these social apps would expect privacy setting to do, which is to keep accounts and certain information private from other or outside users.

Jacqueline Vickery talks about the research that was taken place in 2011, collected data that showed 61% of parents who monitor their kids mobile and social networks accounts. This then can create many opinions on how this act taken place from the parents is beneficial. Jacqueline then discusses how most teens are well aware that their social accounts are being watched closely and how this makes teens become more private in their way of what they will share and what they won’t. Personally I agree with what Jacqueline is explaining in this part of the reading of how teens are being “creative ways to manage their privacy”. Teens of today know how easy it is for posts on social networks to be accessed to, whether that’s by the network itself or the users, and with that in mind they know that they need to keep their account private. This is a reason why I think Jacqueline’s argument, point and examples are important because privacy on mobile devices and social networks are vital, especially with what’s being shown on the news of hackers and leaks of young teens accounts

This link is about the recent leak of images on different twitter accounts including well known celebrities. This is a good example that relates to the example in the reading of privacy that Jacqueline explains.IMG_5832


One question that I would ask is will there be regulation put in place to restrict what the younger generation can post and see on social networks.


Rebecca Fox


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