The Rise of the Selfie: Performing the Self Online- Response

Gerda has fully evaluated how Twitter is effecting our ways of living and how we are altering our lives to suit social media according to our audience. She has analysed dana boyd and A.E. Marwick’s journal article I tweet honestly, I tweet passionately: Twitter users, context collapse and the imagined audience (2010).

She uses the issue of imagined audiences and personal profiles with the quote “choose the language,cultural referents, style, and so on that comprise online identity presentation” (D. Boyd, A.E. Marwick, 115p, 2010) to explain how audiences are attracted to an online appearance. She supports her idea that communication is key to create social media relationships by giving examples of current celebrity tweets, to reinforce her idea she could discuss the idea of authenticity within Twitter and how true these celebrities are being to their audience/ fans or even if it is possible to be authentic online.

To conclude I agree with Gerda and her opinion of social media as it definitely reflects who you are (whether you decide to reflect your true self or not). I also agree with her stating that celebrities share their personal information as a strategy to gain further popularity within the social media world.

Kirsty Paine


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