The Rise of the Selfie: Performing the Self Online

Nowadays social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter are taking a huge place in the majority of people’s life. Performing the Self online is a huge tendency now, but I will discuss more about audiences and how people create relationships using their Twitter account. Also, the article I will analyze is “I tweet honestly, I tweet passionately: Twitter users, context collapse, and the imagined audience.” (D. Boyd, A.E. Marwick, 2010)

Everyone who is using social platforms has their own audience which depends on their own purposes. In the article the authors mentioned that people are using Twitter account to ‘follow’ other people and be ‘followed’ by others. To increase your amount of ‘followers’ you need to imagine your audiences which are argued in Boyd and Marwick article. When your profile is public it is obvious that ‘anyone’ can see it and then you need to “choose the language, cultural referents, style, and so on that comprise online identity presentation” (D. Boyd, A.E. Marwick, 115p, 2010).

To talk more about audiences which people expect by having a Twitter account, it is worth to add that the posts you write are really important for your own image on the social platform.  For example, celebrities who are posting private things could be more interesting because usually people love to know news about their personal life. In other words, intimacy and the private information you post is a kind of communication that creates relationships with people. (This is some of the examples from the Twitter accounts: K.Perry, Lady Gaga, Emma Willis ).

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To add more, in the article the interviewee was activist Brandon Mendelson with more than 700,000 users. B. Mendelson said that he focuses on subjects who are connected to social networks and technology but he tweets about what he wants because social networks are personal platform: “By not sharing personal information I’m not building strong relationships with my audience” (B. Mendelson, 2010). On the other hand there are people who share their personal information as strategy. For instance, in the article Soraya noted that personal posts “may look good for professional purposes” (Soraya, 2010). So, by sharing personal information you are more interested about the person you are ‘following’.

To sum up I would like to say that social platforms let us create our own digital image by writing posts. They could be private, less private or not private at all. Everything depends on our own purposes. But my question is, why people use their private life to build stronger relationships rather than find another way to do it?

This is a link connected to the topic of intimacy and privacy on social media.

Gerda Siauciulyte


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