Fan/celebrity interaction and social media- Response

Yoanna discussed about the fan/celebrity interaction and how in the reading Lucy Bennett argues that it can seem extreme. This could be seen as how the fans look towards their chosen celebrity which in some eyes can seem as their role model.

Unfortunately this connection as it can be called, could also seem unbalanced because fans believe that they have a relationship with their icon, but is that same feeling also coming from the celebrity themselves. Even though some celebrities are on the different social media platforms that are common and being used globally, to help them communicate with their fans if wanted to and is this why some celebrities choose to use different social networks to keep fans informed or to keep fans.

I agree and also disagree on how the relationship between fans and celebrities is being affected by the new media forms. I disagree because allowing new changes to the media platforms to in some way make communication easier and maybe simpler for some, is an advantage for both, it also allows more fans to be involved as there are different social networks that they can use to keep in touch and be updated by the celebrity. But I agree because some celebrities choose to ramble on in specific ways of their social life etc. Which some fans look down at, mainly because they weren’t expecting their celebrity to be that person, whether it’s for the ‘public self’ or the ‘public private self’ (David Marshall, 2010) can come into it and by questioned.

Rebecca Fox



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