Fan/Celebrity Interactions and Social Media: Connectivity and Engagement in Lady Gaga Fandom

In her paper Lucy Bennett argues that in some cases (such as the case with Gaga and her enormous fan community) the advent and extremely widespread use of social media platforms by celebrities is reconfiguring levels of connection and depths of engagement between both celebrities and their associated fan communities (Bennett, 2014). Rising questions about ‘public private’ (Marshall, 2010) self of the star and how the connection between celebrity and fan is stalled and how fans later understand and find their position among this huge amongst of followers in different social platforms. Bennett defines how social media platforms can easily be used as a powerful tool to connect and mobilize fan base. Building her arguments on the work by Marwick and Boyd (2011) and relaying on an online survey of Lady Gaga fans (received 156respondents) Bennett manages to explore how fans of the star are connecting with her through social media and how the whole relationship between fan and celebrity is currently being affected and as a result of that changed by these new media forms. One question however remains unanswered. As Bennett’s survey shows Lady Gaga uses social platforms in a very productive way. She not only maintains in a perfect balance her public/privet elements of herself but she also managed to create the powerful feelings of importance and direct connection to her fans. Here rises the significant question in terms of what is strategic and what is real? In which part this connection is real or it is just the new management approach? media.gaga This kind of articles is one of the most common articles nowadays. Whole bunch of advisors how to use social media, which is the rich media platform for your management which could easily apply on how celebrities appear no social media.

Yoanna Angelova


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