Response for Rebecca post

Rebecca analysed Malcolm Gladwell article ‘Small change, why the revolution will not be tweeted’ where she argues that nowadays digital media  have huge impact in people’s life. She also mentioned Gladwell example about event in Moldova were all people get together after conversation on Twitter which is a great example to show how social platforms can be useful to connect people with each other which you might not even know.

To add about benefits on social platforms Carrie A. Rentschler (2014) also presents for us that social platforms have huge advantages. She talked about ‘Rape culture and the feminist politics of social media’ where she presents us ‘Hollaback!’ app and website where the main thing is to help women’s to prevent harassment on streets. This is important because using this social platform women can talk and share their experiences with each other and then feel not alone for being harassed in different kind of situations.
To sum up, I agree with Rebecca that social platforms are useful because we can talk with each other and get information which is helpful for us.


Gerda Siauciulyte


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