social media, technocultural networks and ”hashtag activism”

‘Small change, why the revolution will not be tweeted’ article

Analysing the article by Malcolm Gladwell, the change in society has rapidly progressed in social activism. People have now become lazy but at the same time today’s society have in some way social media such as Twitter including hashtags of short descriptive words, Facebook and WhatsApp has become resourceful, as it allows us to find out and retrieve vital and non-important information that is to our interest.

Malcolm Gladwell is explaining the change throughout the years of when social networks weren’t known about to nowadays where it’s hard to find just one person who doesn’t know of a social network. He also argues how social media has new tools that has now reinvented social activism.

Malcolm Gladwell uses an example of using social media to plan meetings ‘giving voice to their concerns’. Ten thousand protesters went out in Moldova in 2009 to protest against their country communist government, this was able to take place as it was created and planned through twitter that brought it all together.

I personally agree with this article and Malcolm Gladwell’s argument and what is being said, because I believe that in Today’s society we rely on social media to help us communicate with one another which then can later on cause a dilemma especially when it could come to communication through work, this is also why it is important as it is currently an issue as more people are using social networks to even display meanings and get a reaction and my question to this article would be, why is it that people are choosing to continue using these different social networks if they know it. Ay affect them in the long run of verbal communication.


#YesALLDaughters this is an image relating of using social media to spread the word of a protest or meeting.


This is a link to the main page where in describes in more detail about this particular protest inclining a short clip.

Rebecca Fox


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